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Retro Addiction are currently buying! If you have any vinyl records from the 1960's to 1990's (especially the rock / prog / punk / psych varieties) or pre-1980 comics, be they Marvel, DC, Gold Key, TV21 etc... Please drop us an email and we'll see if we can strike up a deal! We are based in Yorkshire but are more than happy to travel anywhere in the mainland UK if something pricks our interest (always love a road trip!) so don't worry if you live at the top of the Scottish highlands or the bottom of The Lizard in Cornwall, or even if you live down the street from us, we will always do our best to come to you. And to cap it off, we always pay cash too!

We are also on the look out for any old toys (Dinky, Corgi, Timpo, action figures etc.), all kinds of music memorabilia including tour t-shirts, tour programmes, ticket stubs and posters, and also any pre-1980 magazines (music, pop culture, teen) and old movie posters.

Even if you're not sure what you have, don't worry about contacting us as we are always happy to give some friendly advice. We like to make the selling process as easy as possible for the seller, so after you make initial contact, we'll probably get back to you with a few questions about the lot and maybe ask for some photos. After these have been answered, we may give you a quote if we decide to make a deal. If you happen to be within a 40 mile radius we'll more than likely prefer to come take a look first and make an offer in person. Either way, we will always try to pick up the collection from you and would never expect you to post them to us if you aren't comfortable with the idea. In the event that we aren't interested in what you have to offer, we may still be able to point you in the direction of somewhere that is, so all is not lost.

Email us if you have a collection you would like to sell or just want more information. Individual items will also be considered, but please no price lists.

A brief description of what we'll be interested in is below.



Quick guide to what we're looking for:


If you have.... Vinyl to sell.

We're mostly interested in pre 1995 vinyl albums, preferably in the Rock/Punk/New Wave/Metal/Psychadelia/Indie genres but are open to alternatives. Occasionally we will buy collections of 45's, but this isn't usually our format of choice. Please no dance, easy listening, classical or 78's. We also buy tour programmes, tickets, tour T-shirts and other tour/band merchandise from the same era.


If you have.... Comics to sell.

We're generally interested in pre 1980 comics, but can make exceptions. American Marvel, DC, TV21 and Gold Keys are main interests, but sorry, not into 2000 ADs or Beanos/Dandys.


If you have.... Toys to sell.

Corgi, Dinky, Timpo, Six Million Dollar Man, Masters of the Universe, Star Wars, Major Matt Mason... Most action figures and vehicles from pre-1990 basically, with or without boxes.


If you have... Magazines to sell.

This is a little more tricky. We're only really interested in '60's & '70's pop culture/music mags, with maybe a bit of underground thrown in. This includes puplications like NME and Melody Maker as well as teen mags like Jackie, Honey, Fab 208 etc. movie and horror magazines and certain underground/alternative mags. Please no knitting magazines.




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